Our philosophy

Le Café qui Fume is a space dedicated to fine coffees :
roasting workshop, coffeeshop, fine foods.

Specialty coffee roaster, organic infusions and machines & accessories adapted to your needs for enthusiasts and professionals who want to taste the best coffee in the world.

Our attention is to stay focused on the entire production chain. We carry out our coffee selection in a collegial and thoughtful way with our importers who are directly connected with the plantations and know the field, the farmers, and the coffee growers.

Our choice is for coffees with a score above 84/100 that is to say coffees that have no defect related to one or the other of the stages of their process.



We call them specialty coffees, we must be aware that the specialty market today represents only 2%, so savor it, in fact it is a product of high gastronomy, these gourmet coffees respond to taste demands.

This is the top of the coffee bean, both in terms of culture, geographical area, but also production & processing, and we continue this desire to reveal all the character of their terroir during our gentle roasting, guaranteeing the freshness and the putting in by hand in sachets equipped with a valve of degassing, we also inform our customers on the methods of conservation and preparation according to their tastes and our coffees (grinding / extraction).

We support actions of the association
"Rêves de clown"
For a package of coffee bought,
10 cents are doneted to the association