Transparency & traceability

From the tree to the cup, from plantations to your living room, Le Café qui Fume offers you the best quality of coffees, from shady forests, the COFFIA ARABICA having benefited from time to develop. Cherries having been picked up directly on the high branches and then pulped by hand.

Based in Morbihan Le Café qui Fume offers an awakening of the senses.

Led by Julien & Nolwenn both roaster & barista, you will be able, to see the transformation during the cooking of the green grain to become a golden grain, to intoxicate yourself with the smell of the roasting which evolves from second to second. Touch and chew these hot grains, you can listen to the song of the coffee during the cooking and its crackling and, at last, “cupper” it, taste it, and discover all its aromatic palette of its own.

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We support actions of the association
"Rêves de clown"
For a package of coffee bought,
10 cents are doneted to the association